Meet the Truckers!

Erin Bernard (Founder, Chief Curator) feels strongly that access matters.  She is using the Philadelphia Public History Truck as a path to understanding access issues in history museums in terms of audience engagement.  Her impetus to start the truck was founded in her desire to empower urban communities to create together.  As an M.A. Public History candidate at Temple University, she is using the history truck to explore the utility of community curating and the effectiveness of nontraditional museum spaces.  Beyond this project, her research interests in American History are material culture, midwifery, and environmental preservation.  Her biggest curatorial inspiration is Fred Wilson.

Erin is currently the Engagement and Outreach Associate at Painted Bride Art Center.  She holds a B.A. Journalism with a background in nonprofit communications and volunteer coordination.  She also taught 4th Grade Special Education in Bronx, NY.  Erin is a tree-hugging Mom of two who dreams of one day owning goats named Magellan and Molasses.

Jordan Klein (Exhibition Planning & Design) falls a little bit more in love with Philadelphia every day.  A transplant from the nutmeg state of Connecticut, she is excited to collect and share the stories of Philadelphians, and to make more stories of her own.  Jordan is inspired by places and thinks that the places we live can serve as gathering points for sharing personal memories.

Jordan holds an M.F.A. in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design from the University of the Arts and a B.A. in Museum Studies from Skidmore College. She lives in South Philly with a couple of charming roommates and funnily enough, is an avid Olympic Weightlifter.


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