Wait, how does the truck project function?

Many people seem to be wondering just how the Philadelphia Public History Truck plans to function.  It’s a cycle!  Check it out:


The truck functions in exhibit cycles:
Partner with neighborhood association.
2-Build relationship with community by attending meetings, connecting with community organizations and getting involved by volunteering.
3-Host 1:1 oral history interviews & hold storytelling block party featuring memories and neighborhood objects.
4-Staff begins archival research to support stories and ideas of community.
5-Host historically-based art happenings off the truck in community green spaces.
6-Hold meetings to design the exhibit with community.
7-Put the exhibit up in neighborhood space to access and activate common community grounds with cultural energy.  Empower community to use the neighborhood as a museum and art space whenever they feel like it.
8-Host exhibit opening.  The celebrated artists of the exhibit are community members.
9-Downsize the exhibit to the truck and traverse the city to connect communities with the neighborhood’s message.
10-Next neighborhood partnership begins.  Cycle starts over.


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