Meet the Truckers

Erin Bernard (Creator, Community Artist – Curator – Public Historian) feels strongly that access matters and that all spaces are museums and galleries if we just treat them as they are. She believes the Philadelphia Public History Truck is one path to understanding access issues in history museums and cultural spaces. However, her inspiration to create the truck was founded in her desire to empower urban communities to create together and hold conversations involving multiple generations and neighborhood stakeholders. She views History Truck as an intervention within two spaces– within Philadelphia neighborhoods where people are not typically listened to or challenged to be authorities of their own story and within the academy where marginalized voices and everyday urban concerns are often overlooked.

She is exploring the utility of community curating and the effectiveness of nontraditional museum spaces. Her process involves letting questions originate in the community, interpreting oral history in tangible ways, and writing counter-narratives to inform installation and exhibition. She is also inspired by the object juxtapositions of Fred Wilson (specifically Mining the Museum).

Erin will graduate in May 2015 with an M.A. in History with a concentration in public history.  She is a former member of Little Berlin (an artist-run collective and gallery based in North Philadelphia) and currently working on the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts project Industrious Light with artist Phillip Adams.  Her History Truck offshoot project, History Tent (alla Occupy) was commissioned by the Fairmount Water Works and is in continuous iteration and reinterpretation (last seen October 3, 2014 at Asian Arts Initiative).  She has a background in nonprofit communications and volunteer coordination (formerly of the Painted Bride Art Center). In the past, she has taught special education in Bronx, NY and is continuously driven to connect children to the humanities to inspire transformative creation.  Erin is a tree-hugging Mom of two who dreams of one day owning goats named Magellan and Molasses.

Jeff Carpineta (Truck Sharing Kensington Civic Partner) is a 4th generation Philadelphian living in East Kensington and a graduate from Penn State in philosophy, Buddhism, photography and writing. Jeff’s overtime career is working as a Realtor at Solo Real Estate, helping creative and community minded folks find/create homes and spaces in Phila. neighborhoods. Jeff has co-founded a record label for experimental music, taught darkroom photo at the Fleisher Art Memorial for many years, rebuilds rowhouses with friends, and creates spaces that build community. He formerly served as President of the East Kensington Neighborhood Association addressing neighborhood issues, open space protection and the need for heartful urban planning. Jeff’s experience with Multiple Sclerosis fostered a new awareness of the connections between health, energy, the things we eat and how we share health wisdom in our communities.

Artist Partner: Theodore A. Harris

Brie Logsdon (North Philadelphia Exhibition Planning & Design Consultant)

Kaycee Itohan Osadolor (2014-15 Undergraduate Research Associate)

Jordan Klein (East Kensington Exhibition Planning & Design Consultant) falls a little bit more in love with Philadelphia every day.  A transplant from the nutmeg state of Connecticut, she is excited to collect and share the stories of Philadelphians, and to make more stories of her own.  Jordan is inspired by places and thinks that the places we live can serve as gathering points for sharing personal memories.

Jordan holds an M.F.A. in Museum Exhibition Planning and Design from the University of the Arts and a B.A. in Museum Studies from Skidmore College. She lives in South Philly with a couple of charming roommates and funnily enough, is an avid Olympic Weightlifter.

Grace DiAgostino (Former Undergraduate Research Associate) is originally from the Poconos area of PA. She is a senior at Temple University and about to graduate with a B.A. in History with a minor in anthropology and religion. She currently works at the National Archives at Philadelphia as a student archives trainee. Grace also volunteers at the National Archives at Philadelphia as a part of the education team. She hopes to earn a Masters in Public History and is currently applying to graduate programs.  Grace is interested in educational programming and is just excited to learn and experience new ways of “doing” history!


2013-14 Volunteers

Meghann Hickson

Colin Jenkins

Anthony P Kamani

Mandi Magnuson-Hung

Monica O. Montgomery

Erin Shipley

Zivit Shlank


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